Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is one of the utmost important aspects of enhancing approachability for businesses. App development is a step above selling on e-commerce websites. There are numerous reasons that Android app development could help your company. Android app development and iPhone app development help to generate a more personalized platform wherein your customers can reach out to you and feel the brand’s essence. App development cost isn’t soaring high, but at the same time, it could play a deterministic role in establishing your brand’s identity. Most b2c or b2b vendors sell their products online through third party e-commerce websites. A few of them also have a domain name and a website of their own. Websites are pretty common these days and almost all businesses have it. Google app development can boost your business and upscale your consumer base. Choose mobile application development services today and develop a user-friendly app for your business. Are you looking for the best app developers for your project? We’re one of the best app development companies in town. So, if you’re looking for an experienced application designer to work for you, we’re just one call away.

Different App Development Technologies we work with

Android app development is one of the hippest technologies. Newer technologies keep coming into this field. Different technologies keep emerging frequently, and the old ones become outdated. The android and ios app development markets are highly dynamic, and a top mobile app development company would constantly keep themselves updated with the latest technologies in the tech world. For this reason, we ensure that our Android and iPhone app developers are always up to date with the latest technologies in the app development market. We are a one stop shop for android app development and iPhone app development. We offer an array of technologies to choose from and also practice hybrid app development according to the client’s preference.

iOS app development

iOS is among the most used operating system platforms in the world. It has several users and performs super fast. iOS app development is slightly tough due to low language compatibility and high cyber security standards. The primary platform for iPhone app development is mainly the Swift programming language. The swift programming language is indeed difficult; hence you need a famous  mobile app development agency. Finding the best app development companies to build an iOS app for you? Reach out to us to make apps for your business!

Python app development

Python is the primary programming language in the tech world. The scope of the programming language is extremely vast. The language is capable of developing an array of websites, software, and applications. Python apps are quick, responsive, and attractive. There are a plethora of UI aspects available while programming with python. The dynamic programming language is best suited for simpler apps. Wish to get the best app developers for your python app? We’ve a dedicated team of mobile app developers who hold expertise in developing apps with python. Reach out to us and get your business app built!

Hybrid app development

Hybrid app development is undoubtedly one of the most complex technologies of app development. It involves the mixing of different kinds of app development technologies. Different functionalities of an app are built using the most suitable language. After this, all the code is compiled and hosted. The apps built using hybrid programming are fast, attractive, and highly responsive. They’re perfect for feature-intensive applications such as ecommerce apps, and games. We have a core team of top app developers who can assist you in building an app for your business! Don’t search for app developer near me anymore! Reach out to us and get your app ready within no time.

React native app development

React native is one of the popular development frameworks. It has a wide range of development features making it highly favourable for Android app development and web app development. The apps built in react native are high performance apps with astonishing UI aspects. The framework is perfect for building web applications and mobile applications that require responsiveness and are feature rich. Wish to build a multiple screen app for your business? React native is the right choice to make! Learning app development and building an app all by yourself seems impractical. Instead, you can choose our high quality mobile app development services for your business and get an app for your business. Reach out to us, and get your app custom made by top app developers.

Java app development

Although primitive, Java is a good choice for simple apps. The technology was one of the first for app development. The UI is not as attractive as the other technologies. However, Java apps are known for their responsiveness. They’re fast and highly effective. If your app is not the most sophisticated one and needs only basic functionality with mediocre UI, then Java app development seems like the right choice. We’ve a team of highly skilled app developers who specialise in Java. Reach out to us for getting your app made using Java!

UI and UX development

UI and UX are the most essential parts of any app. Irrespective of the technology being used, UI and UX are keys to building an attractive app. They’re like stepping stones. They’re the foundations on which the entire app is built. UI takes care of the attractiveness of the app whereas ux is responsible for it’s responsiveness. Both these aspects performs a crucial role in making a good app. UI and UX development is to be done first before going ahead with adding functionalities. Since UI and UX are key aspects, we consider it as a matter of grave importance. We have a dedicated core team of highly talented UI and UX designers. Looking to get an attractive UI and a quick UX for your app? Get your android app development done with us!

Why Mobile App Development Is Important?

Mobile apps have become a crucial game changer in the market these days. Multiple multinational companies entered the online business via websites. However, as time progressed they recognised that the market encatchment of apps is much higher than websites. Moreover, apps could offer personalization. Hence, all businesses came up with their own unique apps. These apps offered personalization and proved to be more advantageous for the companies. Once a sustainable business has been achieved, you must try to up your game and deploy a mobile app of your own. Here are reasons why mobile app development is a matter of grave importance.

Most people prefer using smartphones these days

People these days use smartphones much more often than any other gadget. Using smartphones is much more convenient according to the common public. This hence generates a need to have a personalized app. Well, to be honest how many among us actually visit the e-commerce websites on a browser in our phones? All of us choose to install the app and access the products via an app. The past few years have also seen a tremendous growth in the purchase of smartphones. Hence, having an app which could be installed on smartphones makes your business much more accessible!

Mobile applications are convenient to use

Mobile applications are always accessible. Unlike websites which you need to access via browsers, apps are always installed on your phone. Moreover, in a website you need to repeatedly login to your account. Whereas, in an app once you’ve logged in, you needn’t enter the login credentials again. Mobile applications are much more user friendly and convenient to use. Certain features available on the app aren’t available on the website. Apps are hence feature rich and easy to use.

How Can A Mobile App Development Company Help your Business?

Online presence is a deterministic factor in deciding the sustainability of a business. The first step in the direction of having an online presence is hiring a top mobile app development company like Online Marketing Pal and making a website. Upon seeing a satisfactory response from the website, you can go ahead and launch your own app. Having an app is the key to boosting business. Once the sales obtained from a website become stagnated, it’s the right time to launch an app. Having a mobile app for your core business could be advantageous in numerous ways. Here are a few added advantages of having a mobile app development company for your business!

Personalized Experience

A mobile app development company can help give personalized experience to the users using app. Selling on an e-commerce platform is not personalized since it does not have your products exclusively. On the other hand, on a personalized app your consumer base would see only your products. As a result, they’d like your products and probably be convinced to buy it. A personalized experience is hence a big plus to your company if you hire a mobile app development agency, since it directly contributes towards branding and boosting sales.

Boosts Sales

A boost in sales is inevitable upon the deployment of an exclusive app. Since your products are displayed exclusively and in a more personalized manner, there’s a high chance of boosting the conversion rate. Hence if you desire to up your game and get your business rolling, hiring app development company like Online Marking pal is a very good solution.

Builds Brand Image

An app is the epitome of brand building. An app lets you put in a logo, an app icon. Moreover, you can host sales to attract more customers via your app. An app allows you to push notifications and remind your consumer base about your brand constantly. Hence increase brand awareness and business!

Why Choose us for Mobile App Development?

There are excess of mobile application development services in the market. However, we only hire the best app developers to develop apps for your business. Online Marketing Pal has a stern hiring process wherein, we test our candidates for their knowledge and skill. We hire app developers for all the different technologies that we use and have a dedicated team for each technology. We take pleasure in working collaboratively and work in close vicinity with our clients to understand their requirements and expectations from the app. Further, our designated team of UI UX designers design a catalogue of interfaces that you could choose from. Once done, we choose the apt language for development. A draft mobile app is made and presented to you. We then allow our clients to make any modifications if they want. The required changes are then made and the app is deployed onto the playstore and the appstore. We keep working on the app until you are totally satisfied with the app! For us, as an iOS and android app development company, client satisfaction comes first and until our client is happy, we believe that we’re obligated to work for its betterment! Wish to get your app built by a team of experts? Well, then reach out to us today! Avail a low app development cost and a feature rich app for your business.